Snow + aspen fire in Boulder

Last call for fall as winter takes center stage.

By BLDRfly Staff Oct 17 2018

Editor’s note: Every year a short window opens to watch fire and water clash — quaking golden leaves cling on as snowfall tears them down. Cold air descends on open water, winter lays its first coat and fall tries desperately to poke through.

Boulder photographer Willie Cunningham beautifully captures this battle in his latest BLDRfly contribution.


Credit: Willie Cunningham, BLDRfly



Willie Cunningham

About Willie Cunningham: I aspire to make a difference in the world through visual storytelling. I want my images to excite viewers, spark imagination, and

ultimately inspire change. I strive to cover pressing issues like human-wildlife conflict, and environmental conservation. I have a deep fascination with the natural world, and it grows stronger everyday with a camera in my hand. Our planet needs us more than ever, I’m just trying to do my part with the tools I have. See more of Willie’s work here.