What is BLDRfly?

Exploring the people shaping the future in + from Boulder

BLDRfly explores the people shaping the future in + from Boulder. Our city has so many amazing people who develop cutting-edge products and ideas. Nothing happens without a founder or developer’s vision and passion. Here we celebrate the amazing wellspring of talent and energy that Boulder cultivates and nourishes — both the local community and the world at large.

Stay tuned for podcasts, videos + events centered on the amazing people who intersect with Boulder and spin its vibrant energy forward.

Collaboration is another BLDRfly pillar. We want to tap into the amazing skill, talent and vision of the Boulder community and serve as the vehicle for its flight. If you have an idea for a project you’d like to bring to life, reach out to BLDRfly founder Paul Hagey at paul@bldrfly.com.

We have a monthly digital publication schedule with weekly email dispatches of BLDRfly’s newest features and other content. Each month we center content on a loose theme. As we mature, we’ll introduce a print publication.


Founder and Editor, Paul Hagey

Paul Hagey, BLDRfly founder and editor

I’m an award-winning journalist who moved to Boulder from Oakland, California in summer 2016, to live the mountain life. I received a Master’s degree in magazine journalism from the University of Missouri in 2009. My wife and I celebrated the arrival of our daughter, Dylan Elizabeth, in April 2019, when we also moved into our new North Boulder home.

Since graduating, I’ve freelanced for a mix of national and regional magazines, wrote a series of feature magazine articles on the natural history of the Missouri Ozarks (where I lived for a year after graduation), covered the city beat at a Berkeley, California, newspaper, and worked as a daily reporter at a trade publication.

In addition to my day job running the Boulder-based content agency HageyMedia, I serve as executive editor at the residential real estate brokerage consulting firm T3 Sixty.

BLDRfly is a long-brewing local news idea that first took root in Oakland and is now taking flight in Boulder. In short, I believe in local journalism’s vital role in fostering intelligent conversations, bringing a place to life and facilitating a thriving community, and am baking these beliefs into BLDRfly. Let’s take flight together.

Assistant Editor, Tatyana Sharpton

Taty Sharpton

The arts were always encouraged in my house, if not required, growing up. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and raised in the Carolinas, I spent most of my free time as a youth drawing, reading and writing. That eventually led to a BFA in Painting & Drawing from Tyler School of Art in Philly where I fell in love with play, interdisciplinary collaboration and direction, which permeate everything I do today.

Outside of bringing Boulder to life as an editor with BLDRfly, my art work explores the fluid balance of dualities: structure and play, reality and illusion, light and darkness.

What makes me smile outside of work? Running with my pup, crystal-hunting with my hubby, and working on my handstands! (I’m always trying to be upside-down.)

What book had the most impact on my, why? “Sacred Retreat” by Pia Orleane. It was the first time I really read a comprehensive book explaining the union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, historically, that wasn’t one-sided and geared toward tipping the scales to find equality. It resonated with me in that we are all equally a balance of both structure and flow and we can find a way to honor both within ourselves.

Technology, Erin O’Brien

Erin O’Brien of EOB Consulting built and manages the website.