Appreciating a season-changed Boulder

Boulder photographer Willie Cunningham captures Boulder’s winter weather + fly-fishing

By BLDRfly Staff Oct 11 2018

Editor’s note: In this selection of images, Boulder photographer Willie Cunningham captures the charm of Boulder’s changing season with a fishing trip on South Boulder Creek at Walker Ranch above Boulder.

When the seasons change in Boulder, as happened this week when winter slammed into town, the city’s charm changes. From trail-run evenings up Sanitas to walking to work hearing the patter of early fall snow-ice on canopy leaves overhead. Willie had a similar experience up on Walker Ranch earlier this week — 28 degrees, first snow in Boulder, water levels low, fish abundant, heavy fog.

Feature image: White-out in the Boulder hills. Credit: Willie Cunningham.

Fly-fishing form on South Boulder Creek at Walker Ranch. Credit: Willie Cunningham.

A small rainbow. Credit: Willie Cunningham.

Willie Cunningham

About Willie Cunningham: I aspire to make a difference in the world through visual storytelling. I want my images to excite viewers, spark imagination, and ultimately inspire change. I strive to cover pressing issues like human-wildlife conflict, and environmental conservation. I have a deep fascination with the natural world, and it grows stronger everyday with a camera in my hand. Our planet needs us more than ever, I’m just trying to do my part with the tools I have. See more of Willie’s work here.