Soaking in Boulder’s natural magic

Boulder photographer Willie Cunningham captures Boulder’s natural appeal

By BLDRfly Staff Oct 4 2018

Editor’s note: Boulder photographer Willie Cunningham explores the intersection of humans and the natural environment. In this selection of images, he exposes Boulder’s natural magic. Feature image: An hourlong night sky exposure from Chautauqua, looking north over Boulder. Credit: Willie Cunningham.

An elusive black bear caught playing in the puddles of a University Hill alley on a cold, wet, fall day. Credit: Willie Cunningham.

A climber ascends the third flatiron. Credit: Willie Cunningham.

Paste-like clouds form to the north over Boulder, as the leaves begin to turn on a crisp fall day. Credit: Willie Cunningham.

Willie Cunningham

About Willie Cunningham: I aspire to make a difference in the world through visual storytelling. I want my images to excite viewers, spark imagination, and ultimately inspire change. I strive to cover pressing issues like human-wildlife conflict, and environmental conservation. I have a deep fascination with the natural world, and it grows stronger everyday with a camera in my hand. Our planet needs us more than ever, I’m just trying to do my part with the tools I have. See more of Willie’s work here.