Fast + tasty banh mi

By Tatyana Sharpton Jul 15 2020

Set in Boulder’s 29th Street Mall, DAIKON specializes in the Vietnamese-French fusion banh mi sandwich, which features a baguette filled with a savory meat such as pork and topped with cilantro, cucumber, and pickled veggies including daikon, a white radish-like root native to southeast and continental East Asia.

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What we love about DAIKON:

  • The hyper-focused, paired-down menu which eliminates indecision and gives guests a few, super solid options.
  • Its vibe of one part green-space, one part deconstructed arcade and two parts craft sandwich shop.
  • The clever way it educates Boulderites on the art of banh mi, from quirky IG videos to the inclusion of its red gorilla mascot, Pickles, in delivering the message.

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