Boulder’s banh mi shop DAIKON expands to Pearl Street West End

Vacancies creating opportunities for some local businesses

By Paul Hagey Oct 16 2020

Covid-19 has hit Boulder’s restaurant scene hard, and continues to. Mandates keep restaurants at half-capacity, many wary diners more often opt to stay at home, and some save.

However, DAIKON, the banh mi restaurant owned by Boulder-based business incubator Canard, has chosen to expand. The restaurant opened its 29th Street Mall location in November 2019.

DAIKON brings fast banh mi sandwiches to Boulder

With acres of commercial square footage going vacant as Covid-19 ravages local businesses and reshapes workforces, the company has jumped in to secure an attractive lease at a spot on Pearl Street’s West End (near 9th Street) vacated by Chipotle during the pandemic.

Jim Heekin

The fast-casual shop has a take-out model, which helped it hit the ground running after it shuttered its doors for weeks in response to Covid-19, says Jim Heekin, who runs marketing for the company.

The restaurant has a one-year lease at its 29th Street location. It envisions operating both locations, which thanks to investment in its quirky, off-beat local marketing it feels it can do.

Jim estimates the West Pearl location will start slinging banh mi starting in November.

Paul Hagey

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