Infused CBD Marketplace

Leaning into CBD’s holistic and medicinal effects

By Tatyana Sharpton Aug 11 2020

Just east of Pearl Street’s West End, Infused CBD Marketplace crosses a modern apothecary with a touch of Willy Wonka at its well-lit, open space at 1909 9th Street. Opened in October 2019 and featuring a clean layout with high ceilings, track lights, wooden floors and a happy-sad face neon art installation, the boutique carries everything from tinctures to chocolate — not to mention the 30 plants that help bring it to life.

Infused specially curates its CBD selection with local and national brands such as Grön, Greater Goods and Kefla. In fact, we recently tested some of his brands in a blind CBD chocolate taste test.

“My approach is not to sell,” Paul Talbot, who runs Infused, tells BLDRfly. “It’s to educate.”

Infused’s open interior, where windows at various levels flood the space with light. Image: Paul Hagey.

The digital advertising vet and former massage therapist never planned on opening a CBD store. In fact, when toying with the idea of launching a company, marijuana came to mind first.

Paul Talbot

However, a combination of THC distribution logistics and his mom’s chronic pain from a herniated disc led Paul to CBD. Launching a CBD business required no investors and no partners, and Paul saw the positive, anti-inflammatory affects of it towards his mom’s chronic pain.

Companies place edible CBD, derived from hemp — cannabis that contains less than 0.3 percent THC — in three ways: full-spectrum CBD, which includes the whole plant with some THC minimized; CBD isolate, which includes just the CBD isolated from the plant; and broad spectrum, which includes the whole plant.

Infused focuses on a ratio of 20:1 (CBD: THC), and sells topicals, capsules, tinctures, smokeables, edibles like gummies and honey, and even has CBD drinks in its fridge. Stop in and see for yourself!

Some of Infused’s products and its plantiful store-front window. Image: Paul Hagey.

Additional reporting by Paul Hagey.

Header image: Paul with the shop’s signature happy-sad guy neon light. Image: Paul Hagey.