Boulder musician Daniel Rodriguez on his new album ‘Sojourn of a Burning Sun’

Daniel shares his new journey as a solo act and life as a modern musician

By Paul Hagey Sep 8 2020

The end of folk band Elephant Revival‘s star occurred at one of its brightest points — headlining Red Rocks amphitheater in May 2018.

The decade-old successful band planned to click off its light after the show, which left Boulder-based founding member Daniel Rodriguez free to spin into a new orbit.

Daniel, who has lived in Boulder since 2005, has since worked to develop a solo career, which has begun to get traction. He released an EP, “The Stars The Milky Way” in February 2019, and his first full-length solo album, “Sojourn of a Burning Sun,” on August 28 with a livestream concert at Boulder’s most epic music venue.

We spoke with Daniel about his new album, “Sojourn of a Burning Sun,” the transition from large, successful band to solo act, and navigating some of life’s big transitions.

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Paul Hagey

Paul Hagey is BLDRfly’s founder and editor. When not wrangling video, audio and words in the name of story, he’s riding his mountain bike, trail running and hanging with his awesome wife Jen and their young daughter.