BLDRfly podcast: Eliot Marshall + running a high-contact Boulder gym through Covid-19

How one high-contact Boulder gym has adapted to the shift

By BLDRfly Staff Apr 30 2020

The BLDRfly podcast features conversations with the people shaping the future in + from Boulder.

In this BLDRfly episode, we speak with Eliot Marshall, co-owner of Easton Training Academy, a mixed-marshal arts, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing training center with over 1,000 members at its 1,000-square-foot Boulder center. Easton operates seven training centers in the Denver area — Boulder and Denver have the largest centers.

Eliot talked about gearing for opening Easton’s doors when gym mandates relax, as of now, on May 26, and the shift to online classes and an expanded online training vision for Easton.

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