BLDRfly podcast: Oak at Fourteenth chef Steve Redzikowski

Leveraging creativity, fast action + the Boulder hometown spirit to keep Oak (and our) engines humming

By BLDRfly Staff Apr 10 2020

The BLDRfly podcast features conversations with the people shaping the future in + from Boulder.

In this BLDRfly episode, BLDRfly founder Paul Hagey speaks with Oak at Fourteenth co-owner + chef Steve Redzikowski about his restaurant’s creative response to COVID-19 slowdown, the success of comfort food, root beer donuts, tasty take-home cocktails and cookie dough, and finding success in challenges.

Steve Redzikowski

Steve shares some tips for fellow Boulder restaurateurs, celebrates Boulder’s hometown spirit and provides some insight of what may be the real long-term COVID impact on the Boulder restaurant scene.

Oak at Fourteenth root beer donuts.

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