BLDRfly podcast: Boulder Chamber CEO John Tayer

The Chamber partnered with the city to establish a small business grant program

By BLDRfly Staff Apr 8 2020

The BLDRfly podcast features conversations with the people shaping the future in + from Boulder.

In this BLDRfly episode, BLDRfly founder Paul Hagey speaks with Boulder Chamber of Commerce CEO John Tayer about the just-announced COVID-19 Small Business Relief Fund.

John Tayer

Spearheaded by the Chamber with significant participation from the City of Boulder, which provided $200,000 toward a challenge grant, and Zayo Group and Zayo co-founder Dan Caruso and his wife Cindy, who added $50,000 to bring the total challenge amount to $250,000.

The fund will match dollar-for-dollar donations made to the fund, designed to help Boulder small businesses.

On the podcast, John shared that Google has just added $50,000 to the pool, which, with the city’s matching funds, brings the current value of the pot to $100,000. The grants, which will go up to $2,500, target small Boulder businesses with 50 employees and less.

John says the fund, administered by the nonprofit Community Foundation Bounder County, will disburse these grants as soon as early May. The Chamber will open applications soon.

Individuals and businesses can donate here.

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Editor’s note: This story has been updated to note that the total challenge grant comes to $250,000. A previous version stated that it was $200,000.