Cure Organic Farm

Organic veggies, honey and more

By Tatyana Sharpton Aug 26 2020

Located along Valmont Road’s healthy stretch of farmland six miles east of Boulder, across from Munson Farm and The Golden Hoof, Cure Organic Farm hosts a lively farm stand and CSA pick-up operation at the edge of its 12-acre property.

Ann Cure. Image: Cindy Torres.

Managed by Ann Cure who has farmed the land with her husband Paul since 2005, the farm grows over 100 different varieties of certified organic vegetables, herbs and flowers. It distributes its crops within a 50-mile radius to local restaurants, farmers markets, its CSA program and its on-site farm store. It also has several honey bee hives, a flock of hens and ducks, and heritage Berkshire and Mangalitsa pigs which it raises for meat.

The farm buzzed as we rolled through last Wednesday, with a steady flow of cars pulling through one after the other. Turns out, Cure Organic Farm’s CSA, which has most boxes sold out or wait-listed, has its pick-up day each Wednesday.

Cure Organic Farm’s entrance. Images: Tatyana Sharpton.

The farmette stages a pull-through operation with someone out and waiting to load produce into cars in Covid-19, social-distance-friendly fashion. Its CSA grew from 250 in 2019 to close to 400 this year.

Apparently, this busy spot holds up a long-living tradition dating back to the 1960’s when the Ellis family grew everything from evergreen trees to sweet corn on the land, setting up picnic tables full of fresh produce beneath the big willow tree out front. People would stop by and help themselves, leaving money in a tin can (much like the self-serve farmstand shared by The Valmont Farm and DD’s Homestead.) In 2006, the farm’s current owner Ann Cure revived the tradition by setting up the farm stand that grew into its farm store.

Cure pasture-raises its animals and uses rotational grazing methodology to promote soil health, microbial life and healthy grass along with its GMO-free meat.

What we love about Cure Organic Farm:

  • Its bright red and lively farm stand that features produce and organic jam, jelly and applesauce.
  • How its website transparently discloses all the info, including feed and products, for all of the livestock it raises.
  • The farm’s focus on education through classes, farm tours and kids’ camp — though these have been paused due to Covid-19.

Header Image: Cure Organic Farm’s bright farm stand. Image: Tatyana Sharpton.