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By Jess Mordacq Sep 8 2021

Boulder has a fairly steady stream of interesting daily news. In this series, BLDRfly editors highlight that which stuck out.

Closing Cosmos

After 20 years of serving CU students and residents near The Hill, Cosmos Pizza at 1325 Broadway in Boulder is closing its doors permanently on October 10. A construction company will demolish the building for a new development project. Though there are still two more Cosmos locations in Boulder and Denver, as well as one each in Lafayette and Fort Collins, drunk students and late-night eaters will sincerely miss their easily accessible massive slices and spicy ranch.

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Pushing Publishing 

Boulder’s Publishing is on the up and up as, in the last year-and-a-half, Boulder-based Outside Inc. has acquired several companies and launched Outside+, a subscription service allowing customers to access all the brand’s content in one place. Now, other local publishers look to Outside for the best revenue models. Whereas traditional publishing business models relied on ad revenue, with a shift from print to digital, more move toward subscription services. While some more-general publications struggle getting consumers to pay for content that’s free elsewhere, more niche, hobby-related magazines and brands, like many that Outside acquired last year, tend to attract more subscribers. We hope to a part of this growing group :).

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Credit: The Boulder Bulletin

Back to Outdoor Dining

In 1976, the city of Boulder closed Pearl between 11th and 15th to cars and opened the Pearl Street Mall the following year. While many dissenters back then thought this would reduce parking space, and thus business for shops downtown, views have changed after the pandemic. When Boulder allowed restaurants to place tables in streets and parking lots at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, that included the spot on Pearl between 10th and 9th. Now until April, city staff will develop what year-round outdoor dining here might look like as an extension for downtown foot traffic.

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