NoBo Art District’s newest action plan

Temporary exhibition + event space at a socially safe distance

By Tatyana Sharpton May 20 2020

With months of reduced events due to Covid-19, Boulder’s only official art district, the NoBo Art District launches a GoFundMe fundraiser campaign six days ago to fund their latest creative project: a temporary exhibit and performance space in North Boulder recently donated to it by the new Bus Stop Apartments at 4987 Broadway Street.

The nonprofit signed a three-month lease with the space, which feature five retractable, clear, garage-style doors that present a great opportunity for indoor/outdoor small group events as well as gallery space. The space was donated to NoBo Art District by Thistle Communities, a nonprofit dedicated to affordable housing.

Lisa Nesmith

Funds from the online charity fundraiser will go towards increased signage and lighting for public visibility as well as hanging systems for the space’s 12-foot walls. The nonprofit has a goal of $1,500 for its Bus Stop campaign, of which it has raised $430 so far.

“Our shared intention, along with Thistle Communities is to create an art hub for the NoBo Art District in that location,” said Lisa Nesmith, NoBo Art District’s president, who told BLDRfly that the two organizations plan for the space to remain past the three months donated.

NoBo Art Funding

Last March 2019, NoBo launched another GoFundMe campaign to create a temporary “ArtFence,” a colorful linear collage printed on vinyl, at the same old Bustop Site, along the west side of Broadway Street between Front Range Blvd and the south edge of Emerald City.

The nonprofit raised $825 with the intent to create a collection of 6′ x 15′ murals contributed from many local artists under the project title #NoBoFacesProject to announce the future housing at the former Bustop site — which they just signed a lease with.

The vinyl mural collage acts as a mobile mural, easy to store and install at other locations such as Boulder’s Armory property where it will stage its next exhibit.

With the NoBo Art Center’s headquarters at 4929 Broadway Street comprising their main exhibit space less than 500 feet away from the newly signed space at the Bus Stop Apartments, the temporary lease will allow the Art District to expand more visibly into North Boulder’s public character.

“Thanks to Thistle Communities for their generosity,” said Lisa, “and leap of faith in the NoBo Art District and the arts in Boulder!”

With galleries and most public spaces still closed (though some actively colorful), NoBo Art District has currently switched its monthly First Friday events to a virtual model.

Header Image: Bus Stop Apartments. Source: NoBo Art District.