LoveCycles update: things get real

Ryan Van Duzer + Ali Geiser continue bicycle trip across the US

By BLDRfly Staff Aug 6 2018

Ryan Van Duzer and Ali Geiser are continuing their Oregon-to-New York, 3,000-mile bike trip and Ryan’s chronicling the whole thing via his YouTube channel.

We published a feature on Ryan when he and new love and fellow Boulderite Ali were just starting out on their trip in early July. The two are now working their way through the Midwest, last seen in Iowa.

We’ll be updating his travels with new posts periodically.

Ryan and Ali have been navigating a new, serious relationship while cranking along America’s highways and biways, eating lots of Nutella, beans and corn chips. They were a couple for just a few months before setting out. As they acknowledged, they’re cramming years of relationship into morning, noon and night togetherness in their adventure across the country.

Episode 13 of the #LoveCycles YouTube series — a six-week recap — reveals Ryan and Ali are definitely dealing with post-honeymoon relationship phase, when things get real. Ryan says he’ll be posting videos less often, as he focuses on being in the moment more and being with Ali. Filming, and editing, take a lot of energy and focus!

Thankfully Ali’s Mom drove up from Boulder to meet them as they crossed through Wyoming and gave them some guacamole and momma love, as chronicled in the latest episode, No. 15.

They’re asking love advice from strangers and friends they meet along the way. They’re getting lots of good love tips, including this from a biker they met at a motorcycle rodeo in Mackay, idaho — “Drink heavily and hump a lot.”

Feature Image: Drone footage of Wyoming. Credit: Ryan Van Duzer.