39 artists, 39 murals, 25 locations — Boulder getting splashed in color this week

Street Wise Boulder’s second annual mural event doubles down

By Tatyana Sharpton Sep 9 2020

This week Boulder welcomes 39 artists to town who will paint murals at 25 locations throughout the city as part of a festival that started on Monday and runs through Sunday.

The murals center mostly west of 30th street between Pearl and Arapahoe with walls chosen for high visibility and diversity as well as relationships with the property owners, though some businesses who wanted to participate did submit walls, like Linden and Broadway.

39 artists were selected through an open call placed at the beginning of Covid, mostly from the Boulder-Denver metro area, chosen based on the concepts they presented and previous work.

Leah Brenner Clack

The event marks the second annual mural festival organized by Boulder-based nonprofit Street Wise Boulder; this year represents a significant expansion.

“We’ve expanded significantly; last year we had 10 mural locations with 15 artists,” says Leah Brenner Clack who founded the art-activism-based mural festival and its parent organization, Street Wise Arts.

For now, see the full map of which artist will be painting where and check out the artists on Street Wise Boulder.

“Defend the defenseless” animal rights activism mural by Max Coleman, from 2019’s Street Wise mural arts festival. Image: Tatyana Sharpton.

Header Image: Artists Adrienne Norris, Danielle DeRoberts, Chris Haven and Julio Mendoza on day one. Images: Peter Kowalchuk.