On dissolving climate change divisiveness with film director Josh ‘Bones’ Murphy

His latest film, Purple Mountains, explores the climate change disconnect between science, experience and politics

By Paul Hagey Oct 8 2020

The forests are exploding in fire in the west, hurricanes swirl the eastern seaboard, and, every year, snowpack dwindles. The science of climate change is set, and, increasingly the environment screams at us to take notice and action.

A new documentary film from director Josh “Bones” Murphy explores the political divide that keeps climate change polarized red and blue. Purple Mountains, with Boulder’s own Protect Our Winters as a lead sponsor, stars professional snowboarder and mountaineer Jeremy Jones, who explores just where the climate divide lies between liberal and conservative.

We have a conversation with Bones to discuss the takeaways from the film — what did they learn in the process, where and how can conversations transcend politics and help us find common ground on perhaps the most vital issue of our generations and those to come — a sustainable, healthy environment. Enjoy!

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Paul Hagey

Paul Hagey is BLDRfly’s founder and editor. When not wrangling video, audio and words in the name of story, he’s riding his mountain bike, trail running and hanging with his awesome wife Jen and their young daughter. paul@bldrfly.com