Thank you Boulder

In the spirit of the season, we celebrate our gratitude with fellow Boulderites and business owners

By Tatyana Sharpton Nov 29 2019

Boulder offers many reasons for gratitude: the Flatirons, its bikeability, its world-class mountain lifestyle. In honor of Thanksgiving, we queried some the many local businesses and people we’ve profiled over the past year about what makes Boulder shine for them.

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s give each other even more to be thankful in 2020.

The adventure -ings — hiking, climbing, fishing, biking, skiing, showshoeing

A-Lodge co-founder Asa Firestone loves the free and easy access to great climbing spots, fishing, biking and hiking at Boulder’s fingertips.

A-Lodge + crafting a Boulder adventure hub

His go-to adventure spots include Betasso Preserve for a quick loop on the mountain bike, the thousands of sport climbing routes in Boulder Canyon, and a free solo lap on the Second Flatiron.

Chris Bisch, maintenance lead at A-Lodge. Image: Asa Firestone.

Adam Avery, founder of Avery Brewing Company — maker of perhaps Boulder’s cleanest and tastiest IPAs — loves the tight-knit climbing community in Boulder. (Shout out to the Access Fund!) He’s especially thankful for all the shoulders and bike lanes that make Boulder one of the best places for road biking.

Adam Avery + building a craft beer Boulder fairytale

Snowy strolls down Pearl Street

Pearl Street shines year-round, but Bradford McDevitt, founder of McDevitt Taco Supply, especially appreciates walking it after the first snow of the season.

Snowy Flatirons. Image: Greg Lefcourt.

Loving and supportive neighborhood community

Greg Lefcourt, co-owner of Beleza Coffee Bar loves that even after growing up in Boulder he still has the opportunity to live and work in the community, not to mention seeing the Flatirons every single day. “This town is very special and it’s home,” Greg says.

Beleza Coffee Bar: There’s ‘no mine’ in coffee

The crew at Gunbarrel Brewing Company also gives thanks for their incredible community and the taproom where thousands of people come together to celebrate exactly this – community– at events ranging from trivia and board game nights to pinball league and dog charities, beer education events and science talks. Enjoying live local musicians and maker markets full of local artisans doesn’t hurt either!

Craft beer galore, especially the hidden gems

As a brewer, Chuck Hixon of Beyond the Mountain Brewing Company expresses serious gratitude for Boulder’s craft beer scene. One of his favorite hidden gems is Asher Brewing Company with its delicious organic beers and great taproom community vibe. He also recommends the recently opened Adamant Brewing and Blending. “Adam is doing some great wild and experimental ales over there!” Chuck says.

Colin Quinn, Special Projects Brewer at Avery Brewing Company like the beer list and football at The Dark Horse, and Rachael Burrell, events manager at Avery, loves an ice cold Efrain’s margarita.

Beyond the Mountain Brewing: beer + resonance

Rich history and spiritual roots

Boulder’s natural beauty is complemented by a fair share of historic charm, like the little red wagon which carried loads of porcelain from Sunshine Canyon to the train station 100 years ago that still exists today, according to Lila Tresemer, who has called Boulder home since 1969 and co-founded StarHouse, Boulder’s ecumenical temple in the foothills.

All of things Lila Tresemer of StarHouse loves about Boulder! (or rather, a small selection). 

Lila also feels deep gratitude for the near-by Kwan Yin Buddhist archetype of Compassion in a grove many people visit, and loves how the sky color-washes the hills and trees throughout the day. Boulder Creek also delights her by its providing a place for children to play freely in the water with ducks.

Boulder’s dazzling StarHouse prepares for its next era

Chill local spots, dives and eats

The team at local design firm Moxie Sozo team winding down from a filling day out with a brew from the Sundown Saloon, grabbing a slice at Pizza Calore or catching happy hour at St. Julien. They also cheer Centro’s breakfast burrito!

One of Boulder’s most beloved dives. Image: Moxie Sozo.

The team also enjoys Chautauqua Park and Boulder Creek path, and the amazing trail that tracks all over South Boulder mesa, the epic Mesa Trail.

The Moxie Sozo team atop South Boulder Peak where they frequently meet up early on the weekends to tackle huge runs. Image: Moxie Sozo.

Not to mention the easily accessible recharge spots. “Lunchtime escapes put us in rejuvenating spots like the Boulder Creek path and colorful foothill trails!” says says Stephanie Danielson, director of marketing at Moxie Sozo.

Mind-opening open space!

Remington Robinson, local painter, loves all the amazingly photogenic scenes, as he puts it, throughout the city. They all provide endless locations for painting, but most of all he’s grateful for the open space.

“Chautauqua Trailhead,” oil on canvas. Image:

Chuck Hixon of Beyond the Mountain Brewing also loves Boulder’s parks and open spaces. Hiking to the top of Green Mountain offers a breathtaking view, and the well-maintained trails make hiking in nature so accessible in the Front Range.

Boulder’s beautiful open space. Image: Moxie Sozo.

The people

BLDRfly is especially grateful to all the amazing people who use their unique talents and visions to make Boulder a more fun, interesting, good place to live.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Header image: Valmont and Foothills. Image: Greg Lefcourt.