The Star is back!

Declaring winter in Boulder for 72 years and counting

By Tatyana Sharpton Nov 15 2019

It’s snowed, we’ve had sub-10-degree temperatures, but nothing really says Boulder winter like the Star on Flagstaff mountain; the star clicks on each year on Veteran’s Day and runs through the second Sunday of the new year.

Visiting the Star on a cold night is a winter Boulder ritual for many.

Starry nights in Boulder. Image: Ryan Van Duzer.

One of the best experiences involves hiking up the Viewpoint Trail to the Star from Eben G. Fine park in Boulder Canyon. The Star journey takes just about 20 minutes, and provides stunning city views on the way up.

Now in its 72nd year, the Star has shone over Boulder since 1947 and is now maintained by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.

See you up there!

Featured image: Ryan Van Duzer