Kettle & Spoke: Boulder’s intimate nanobrewery

Kettle and Spoke Brewery brews small batches of flavorful beer

By Isabella Scarpelli Aug 14 2019

Thanks to Ultimate Boulder Craft Brewery Guide, Tatyana Sharpton, our beloved Assistant Editor, and I, indulged in the perks of a new relationship.

Nestled off the Foothills Parkway in a cluster of industrial buildings, lives Kettle & Spoke Brewery at 2500 47th St Unit No. 12, perfect biking distance from just about everywhere in town. We met hoping to finish our latest embroidery projects but as soon as we arrived we lost track of time speaking to David, the bartender.

With homebrewing under their belt — the quintessential first step of many a brewery founder — Paul Sink and Patrick Mulcahy opened the brewery in 2016.

The brewery shares a space with a bike shop and the wall glitters with colorful lights and music memorabilia. On this particular Saturday, David was playing old Moetown classics and the complete In Rainbows album by Radiohead.

David poured Tatyana and I a pint of their Blueberry IPA. Pure summer gold.

Kettle & Spoke bar. Photo: Isabella Scarpelli.

Their beer list changes frequently, and while the recipes are ever evolving, they keep a regular supply of IPA, stouts and browns.

Kettle & Spoke sell only out of their taproom, which means you’ll have to make your way over to this gem to savor the flavor burst — a classic part of the nanobrewery experience.

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And for those who bike in, it’s a dollar off your first pint!

While we sipped our IPA’s and stitched, David poured and hand sealed 32 ounce cans for thankful costumers.

Down the road, the Brewery plans on renovating its space to offer musicians a performance stage. As for now you can expect an intimate brewery setting with flavorful cold ones and gracious hospitality.

Header image: Kettle & Spoke Street view. Photos by Tatyana Sharpton